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expected cut off for gpsc class 1-2 prelims

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asked Jun 5, 2017 by rudradave (580 points)
as exam held on 4th june 2017 and paper 1 is slight tricky and lengthy and number of candidate appeared is comparatively low around 1.2 lakh so what is expected cut off? it may be getting down

2 Answers

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answered Jun 18, 2017 by dskaramta (160 points)
150-170. Ketlu jase evu lage
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answered Jun 21, 2017 by vandroid257 (1,390 points)
i have some of my analysis regarding exam so i would like to put it here:

let's divide it in two parts paper wise so Paper 1 has maths question which was tough and tough to score 25+ in maths section out of 50. i know to score 25 is also tough but it's GPSC so we have to take this standard at least and out of 150 we can consider 45 marks . if you can able to score 75+ in paper 1 than you are at par. trust me

paper 2: it was not easy but people are just comparing with paper 1. but paper 2 was most tricky paper so very tough to score 85+

so i think if you get 150+ according to key. you should start preparing for Mains. if you are waiting for result and than you will start preparing than my friend you are out of the race.