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Dy So/Dy Mam, Mains nu cutoff ketlu rehse ?

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asked Mar 24 by ViRoLa (540 points)
commented Apr 13 by Digs (100 points)
dy so nu final result kyare aavshe?

3 Answers

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answered Apr 3 by ashvin v (170 points)
General catagry 155-158
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answered Apr 4 by Sagathiya Sanjay (390 points)
Last time it was 163 for general but this time  paper style is changed and also lengthy paper.
So it may be around 150 marks.
commented Apr 6 by ViRoLa (540 points)
And Maths section is not in syllabus so it may around 150....
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answered Apr 10 by RAKESH SORATHIYA (310 points)
I think around 150-155 general category mate.
commented Apr 13 by Digs (100 points)
final result kyare aavshe?
commented Apr 16 by RAKESH SORATHIYA (310 points)
30/06/2017 sudhi ma apva kithu che but Dinesh Dasa (gpsc na chairman) kahta hata k exam 1.5 month agav lithi so result ma try karisu k 30/05/2017 sudhi ma api deye
commented Apr 29 by ViRoLa (540 points)
11th May 2017 News From Ghandhinagar
commented Apr 30 by Sagathiya Sanjay (390 points)
Is it from Reliable Source?
commented Apr 30 by Digs (100 points)
cut off ketlu rehse?
commented May 15 by Darshandj (120 points)
150-155 vcche rese general
commented May 15 by ashvin v (170 points)
11 th may fake news
commented May 20 by Darshandj (120 points)
Ketla marks cutoff re evu to kahi na sakay kem ke kone kevu lakhyu e kone khabar. But comparatively last time karta english paper hard hatu long question. & also gk at some level. So 150-160 vacche re evu lage che. & june first week final aavi jase friends