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job confused,help me to get right selection

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asked Mar 16 by Sonu (390 points)
Hu bin sachivalay ma pass chu
Primari teacher ma order aavi gayo.
Talati cum mantri ma pass chu.

Aa badha mathi kayi job select karukaru?? ??
Please help me to get right direction. ..
commented Mar 21 by Gajendra Sinh (300 points)
Bhai 1 mane aapi do

4 Answers

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answered Mar 16 by sandip zala (740 points)
If I can help u by putting all three in priority. 1.teacher- more time for urself n future preparations, more leave, keep u in touch with subjects, no ego issues, respect in society.    2. Bin Sachivalay- office job, fix routine, permanency in life, promotion avenues good but less time for yourself, ego issues, work pressure at times.  3. Talati - to be honest I don't see any good reason to join it if u have other options.......
commented Mar 17 by Sonu (390 points)
I will join talati .cos it will be at my District
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answered Mar 18 by Pratik Bhavsar (2,060 points)
Gp for teacher is higher..n peaceful job
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answered Mar 18 by parmar (1,250 points)
(1)teacher(2)binsachivalay(3)takati jo sachivaly ma maltu hoy to te pela levu
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answered Mar 27 by mrajput076 (200 points)
AS per my suggestion teacher is the best job. If you get selected in teacher you can study more higher with you present job. If you will be a teacher than your knowledge will increase with teaching the students you also can learn something for you next exams. Its upon you.