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બીન સચિવાલય રિજલ્ટ ક્યારે આવશે ??

+2 votes
asked Feb 15 by Mukesh thakor (3,230 points)
commented 6 days ago by Gajendra Sinh (240 points)
ketla chhhheeee
commented 2 days ago by Shaktisinh25 (530 points)
હજૂ 8 થી 10 દિવસ

2 Answers

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answered Feb 15 by Prajapati Uday (810 points)
selected Feb 15 by Mukesh thakor
Best answer
Aaje to aavi javu Joi.pan aaje Na aave to aa week ma final aavi jase.. Call karo emne aa week nu kidhu che.
commented 4 days ago by yvmodi (680 points)
emne etle kone??? gaun seva vala e??
0 votes
answered 6 days ago by kasim Mobhi (660 points)
Bhai Tamara Marks To Janavo
commented 6 days ago by BEE A KADIR (680 points)
Mare 118+80 jeva thay chance kharo